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Chrysanthe Kapuranis is a graphic designer for the Division of Human Resources at the University of Arizona. She holds a bachelors degree in Design Science from Arizona State University and is pursuing a 2nd degree at the University of Arizona in Fine Arts focusing on painting and illustration.

With a career working on various teams and universities, brand design has been embraced and created for the advancement of the university's strategic vision ensuring a professional and competitive advantage.

Outside of work, leadership includes instructing beginning Astronomy students at the university on their moon project, Jupiter, and Saturn observing. Chrys enjoys writing children’s stories of life's journeys, and growing an organic vegetable garden for sustainable living practices and the pathway to good health.

In her drawings, Chrysanthe explores the duality of forms, often by merging abstract mark making with garden materials as tools to beautiful mark making and meaningful life experiences. She begins connecting seemingly disparate concepts through research, learning about eastern and western influences and merging ideas and stories with early greek art found in pottery and archeological sites. She examines nature, the sonoran desert, and shoots photography of her ideas to be used in her paintings and illustrations. Many of her ink drawings have embroidery for emphasis and texture and hidden messages to bring further meaning.

"Art is love and the pursuit of discovery. Art is realizing the divine symmetry and natural beauty of the world that we all live in. It is through the sharing of art that I hope to inspire your own discovery and awareness of culture, earth and the heavens above."

A personal story, WELLBEING IN ACTION video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoCAjWzGmbE



  • 2018 - Banner University Medical Center, South Campus, illustrations, solo exhibit, Feb. 20 - May 24, "SPRINGTIME SONG" Behavioral Health Pavilion Lobby, 2800 East Ajo Way, Tucson, AZ 85713
  • 2018 - BFA JURIED EXHIBITION: March 28 - April 6, Joseph Gross + Lionel Rombach Gallery, University of Arizona,  artwork entitled: "East Meets West" and "Music in the Wind"
  • 2018 - THE ART OF PLANETARY SCIENCE, Kuiper Space Sciences Building, University of Arizona, Feb 2-4. "WoMan on the Moon" Triptych of moon phases, Oil on Canvas, www.lpl.arizona.edu/art

  • 2018 - TUCSON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, November 6 - February 1, 2018, Lower Link Gallery, Paintings and Illustrations

  • 2017 - ANNUAL 2-D JURIED EXHIBIT: Feb 7-16, 2017, Lionel Rombach Gallery, University of Arizona, Feb. "Heart and Soul" work on paper, mark making and embroidery
  • 2017 - THE ART OF PLANETARY SCIENCE, Kuiper Space Sciences Building, University of Arizona, Feb. "Nebula NGC1333" oil on wood panel. An exhibit of art, created from and inspired by scientific data used to explore the solar system
  • 2016 - THE HARMONIC WITHIN, Solo Exhibit, Banner University Medical Center, Behavioral Health Pavilion,   http://ckapuranis.zenfolio.com/p922597702/h713ae411#h713ae411
  • 2016 - PLATING THE DESERT, Union Gallery, University of Arizona, March. "Garden of Sustainability" oil on canvas. A blend of food, art, environment and community
  • 2014 - 2018 - NATIONAL ARTS PROGRAM, Union Gallery, University of Arizona, 2014 - 2018